Wood Table lamp design with soft switch

This is one of my favourite table lamp from mine table lamp's collection, is made of wood, plexy and some electronic stuff.

Making this faboulous lamp is possible in just one week.

This lamp gives you a warm light that will make your bedroom really more relaxing due to it's plexyglass-through filtered light

After making the structure I fixed the brushed plexy with some screw from the inside of the frame.

Here is a top view picture of the inside, in the bottom left is the micro switch.

I made different type of it for me and my friend, they love it.

The principle of operation is simply, you have only to push on the roof of the lamp where a microswitch connected to a flip flop power on / off the lamp.

By this way you can light up even in the dark.

Here is also a schematic about using flip flop (cd4013), not the real schematic of the lamp but with some mods everyone can do it himself.

No more searching for switch in the night for me !
and you ?


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Rajesh said...

Those lamps are so cute.
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At 1:19 PM, Anonymous black crystal lamp said...

Those lamps are just so cute. I am sure that my wife is going to love lamps with that kind of design. I want to have that kind of table lamps.

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