Bluetoothize your car

Here I'm again, this time I'm gonna show you how to bluetoothize your car to listen to your favourite music from your phone.This article will describe how to connect permanently a bluetooth headphones device to your aux input in your car radio, and supply it with a 5 volt power supply.
List of materials:
1- A jabra bt3030 device (Fig. 1)
2- A LM7805 stabilizer IC (Fig.2)
3- Factory Car radio with aux input, mine is skoda dance into a wonderfool skoda roomster (Fig.3)
First of all remove the lithium battery inside the jabra bt3030. Make a 5volt power supply from 12 v car radio supply using a LM7805 stabilized power supply as in the schematic above (Fig.4). Connect the 5v power supply to the mini usb charge connector (fig.5) and the headphones audio to the aux input of your car .The job is done, if everything is ok, you should pair your phone to the bluetooth in a few second and listen it into your radio. Then place the all thing in a secure place in your car, so you can easy access to the bt3030. Good Listening.